Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Dori Valentine is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Her early influences such as Elton John and Joni Mitchell led her to an introspective and detail-oriented style of writing, touching on themes of volatile relationships, internal revelation, and human nature. Her genre can be described as indie/soul/alternative.

Valentine began playing the violin at the age of six, quickly showing an aptitude for music and rising to first-chair violinist in her youth orchestra. Her interests outside of music were commonly centered on other forms of expression such as written word, personal documentaries, and painting her surroundings through surrealist art.  

Her songwriting began at the age of thirteen after acquiring an acoustic guitar and spending her eighth-grade winter break in an ‘obsessive writing frenzy’. With difficulty focusing and connecting in other areas such as academics, songwriting became a natural outlet. After two weeks of writing, Valentine approached a local storefront owner in her hometown of McKinney, Texas, asking to play a gig outside their building. Starting with a handful of original songs, she played on the street multiple times a week, often writing lyrics and riffs as she went. Her song catalog quickly grew as she crafted lyrics on anything from the story of John Lennon’s death to encounters with her middle school peers. 

After signing with a talent agent in 2014, Valentine made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee where she would sign with TenTen Music Publishing in 2015. Valentine attended high school while balancing trips to Music City to write, perform, and develop her artistry. 

Dori Valentine is proficient on several instruments including guitar, keys, ukulele, and strings. She is almost always the sole writer on her projects and maintains a strong role in the production of her music, with comprehensive knowledge of programming software such as Logic and Pro Tools.

With an enthusiastic cult following on social media, Valentine has released two self-written and produced singles (entitled ‘Bunk Beds’ and Chlorine’) to Soundcloud, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. After flying under the radar, her first release to all music platforms is set for October fifth of this year. This latest release is a unique set of three singles that showcase her effortless reach into indie pop, alternative, and acoustic singer-songwriter genres. Woven through each of these singles are her soulful mezzo-soprano vocals, complemented by nostalgic synths and analog drums over her impressive guitar accents.   Valentine’s more modern influences come to light, displaying hints of a Frank Ocean enthusiast combined with her love of songwriters like Billy Joel and Nick Drake.

Her ambitions for the coming year include a tour of North America and the release of a full-length album.